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Golf Club Swing Weights
Glenn Boulton

A golf club's swing weight helps the player to be able to feel the club head hit the ball. This helps each of the clubs to have the same feel for continuity purposes.
Low lofted iron head's, such as a 3-iron, have a much lower weight than a higher iron head, but the irons feel the same weight, due to the increased length of the lower irons club. The sand wedge is the only exception to this rule, as it needs the higher weighted club head to move through sand and pop the ball into the air.
Graphite and steel shaft golf wood swing weights vary because of the different compositions of the shafts themselves. While playing golf with steel shaft clubs, you will feel more of the club head than you will with the graphite shafts.
One driver golf tip to keep in mind is that when deciding to change your golf club's shaft, you need to keep in mind that the weight will change on the club itself, and therefore the feel of the club will change also. You may need to change the weight of the club head itself for the club to retain its feel.
Higher swing weights help players who have a faster swing tempo to control their downswing a little better, while lighter swing weight's help those players whose tempo is a little slower.
If you are having trouble with feeling the club head hit the ball, then you may want to try some golf clubs with a higher swing weight. Who knows, you may play golf better, too!

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